Jungle Gi Launch

Crafted for Jiu-Jitsu Athletes

"Survival of the fittest."

After the success of the popular Jungle rash guard and spats it was time for the third iteration of the series.

The top is made from a 350 GSM High-Tech Pearl Weave with ample reinforcements and quality embroidery. Sublimated shoulder lining will reduce friction and provide you with extra comfort when rolling. The Jungle gi pants, feature an elastic rope and an inside pant pocket.

Excellent for day-to-day training or competition. The Jungle gi will enhance your rolling experience.

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Starting 2018 with a bang


The Metal.Gi series was originally scheduled for a fall 2017 release. However, here at Dokebi we take our time with releasing new products to make sure you, our customer, is 100% satisfied.

We want you to know that we listen to your feedback, we see your wishes and we know you care about your training gear. Our mission as a martial arts brand is to deliver to you the best, most durable, most fulfilling training experience possible. That's why we're taking just a little bit more time to make sure our vision for the Metal.Gi series is in no way compromised and turns out to be the gi you deserve.

We are fully committed to the quality and to our awesome community that we could not, in good conscience, release a gi which isn't 100% to your liking.

The Metal.Gi series is headed for a January-Feburary release date.

 White.Metal Gi

White.Metal Gi


Our designs go beyond the typical dragons and skulls (not that there is anything wrong with that). We create garments that feature artwork exclusive to our brand. However, there is more to martial arts wear than design. The materials and compositions of our fabrics are just as important. Dokebi's mission is to create functional and unique clothing for martial arts. Whether it's a day in the gym or your next competition, our clothing will keep you dry, protected and slick.

We have broken down some of the technical terminology used in bjj and performance wear, so you can find out all about the details that make our fabrics so special. 

What does Breathability mean?

Our fabric is tested to determine how easy it is for water vapour to travel from the inside to the outside. A breathable mesh will be more comfortable to wear, and will regulate the temperature as condensation is minimized. All our rash guards incorporate a mesh layer on the sides for the trademark ventilation feature. Look out for the upcoming Dokebi ranked rash guard slated for a spring release.

What is a Pearl Weave?

A pearl weave is thin and light compared to other weaves. The weave pattern is fairly uniform and is more densely woven than a regular single weave. Our pearl weave gis are durable, dry fast, and feel light. They have very little pilling, and do not stretch out as much as other softer weaves. This is why we took a liking to this construction. Our pearl weave models include the limited edition Eternal gi and the current Prime gi series.

What are Taped Seams and what do they do?

The stitching of the garment is normally a weak point of the clothing. Especially in contact sports there is a lot of wear and tear. We use a durable taping on all our gis to ensure that the seams don't come loose. Seams can also be used to complement the design features of the gi. The prime gi features a repeating "Dokebi-warrior" seam pattern that runs a long the sleeves and jacket of the gi.

 If you have any further questions about our fabrics feel free to contact us!

Black Prime Gi

Prime Gi Black

The white "Prime Gi" which was released early summer '16 was truly a success in terms of composition as well as in popularity. We got a lot of requests for different color ways and so we decided to create a black model with crimson red embroidery to be released as the main attraction of our #SubmissionSeptember collection. Check out the cool teaser GIF we made below:

Jiu Jitsu Priest #239

Jiu Jitsu Priest is a popular jiu jitsu podcast and video series by Kinya Hashimoto. Not only watched by japanese speakers, the podcast always feature fun matches that everybody can enjoy.

This Episode of Jiu Jitsu Priest featured the Dumau Cup Korea, which had Dokebi gear prizes for all absolute division winners. Check it out here:

Polaris 3 - Behind the Scenes

Check out this behind the scenes video of a great night of action. Polaris always brings exciting matchups that fans crave.

"There was no shortage of action at Polaris 3. See Garry Tonon vs Rousimar Palhares, AJ Agazarm vs Jake Shields, Eddie Cummings vs Augusto Mendes, Gianni Grippo vs Bruno Frazatto, Gezary Matuda vs Laurence Fouillat, Jon Satava vs Darragh O Conaill, Joao Miyao vs Yukinori Sasa, plus a packed undercard including Travis Newaza, Phil Harris and Jeff Lawson."

Judo for the World: Brazil

This year Brazil hosts the 2016 Olympic games. In anticipation of this event the IJF is releasing a series of documentary films on judo as it is practised in several countries. Take a look at this awesome episode brought to you by the IJF on how judo affects the lives of people in Rio de Janeiro.

"The third edition of the #JudoForTheWorld series this time in - BRAZIL tells the story of young people who live in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and who's difficult living conditions were enhanced by the power of judo."

ADCC Worlds 2017 location confirmed!

Last years ADCC was hosted in São Paulo, Brazil. Memorable fights included Davi Ramos' jumping armbar to earn the gold medal. 

This bi-annual event is hosted in a different country each time. In 2017 it was decided to take place in Europe once again.The ADCC Federation has announced its upcoming 2017 World Event to be held in Helsinki, Finland. The event will take place at the Espoo Metro Areena in Helsinki.

ADCC also announced that the 2019 World Event will be held in Tokyo, Japan. 

EBI 6 Countdown

This awesome promotion with its exciting rule set brings the sport of submission grappling to a whole new audience. EBI 6 will be available on UFC fight pass.

"Eddie Bravo Invitational Submission Only Jiu Jitsu returns to Downtown Los Angeles once again. Live at the historic Orpheum Theatre for EBI 6 "Absolute" EBI 6 Features 16 of the best open class jiu jitsu stars on the planet competing in a One Night 16 man submission only tournament."