Our designs go beyond the typical dragons and skulls (not that there is anything wrong with that). We create garments that feature artwork exclusive to our brand. However, there is more to martial arts wear than design. The materials and compositions of our fabrics are just as important. Dokebi's mission is to create functional and unique clothing for martial arts. Whether it's a day in the gym or your next competition, our clothing will keep you dry, protected and slick.

We have broken down some of the technical terminology used in bjj and performance wear, so you can find out all about the details that make our fabrics so special. 

What does Breathability mean?

Our fabric is tested to determine how easy it is for water vapour to travel from the inside to the outside. A breathable mesh will be more comfortable to wear, and will regulate the temperature as condensation is minimized. All our rash guards incorporate a mesh layer on the sides for the trademark ventilation feature. Look out for the upcoming Dokebi ranked rash guard slated for a spring release.

What is a Pearl Weave?

A pearl weave is thin and light compared to other weaves. The weave pattern is fairly uniform and is more densely woven than a regular single weave. Our pearl weave gis are durable, dry fast, and feel light. They have very little pilling, and do not stretch out as much as other softer weaves. This is why we took a liking to this construction. Our pearl weave models include the limited edition Eternal gi and the current Prime gi series.

What are Taped Seams and what do they do?

The stitching of the garment is normally a weak point of the clothing. Especially in contact sports there is a lot of wear and tear. We use a durable taping on all our gis to ensure that the seams don't come loose. Seams can also be used to complement the design features of the gi. The prime gi features a repeating "Dokebi-warrior" seam pattern that runs a long the sleeves and jacket of the gi.

 If you have any further questions about our fabrics feel free to contact us!